Kuminda TSA BV


About Us

Kuminda TSA BV is a company that owns and operates midstream energy infrastructure and provides logistics and storage services for aviation kerosene, crude oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas. We own an extensive network of pipeline transportation, terminalling, storage and gathering assets in the oil and gas industry and transportation corridors and at major market hubs in the Netherlands and United States.

Always adopting a long-term, personal approach when dealing with our clients and associates, we see ourselves more as a proactive partner than a supplier of services. In addition, our awareness of market requirements and solutions-orientated approach mean we currently hold a market-leading position in the industry.


What We Offer

We constantly endeavour to render market-leading solutions for all types of storage needs 24 hours a day.

Our storage facilities are situated in strategic, carefully selected markets in Europe and North America, our flexibility and comprehensive solutions enable us to store a selection of products and qualities.

Through ownership, joint ventures and long-term partnership agreements, we can always provide large storage capacity and innovative solutions at competitive prices. Our pursuit of the highest standards and security means we continually invest in new technology and effective infrastructure at our terminals.


There is a high level of expertise on sustainable development throughout the organisation, which forms a key part of our operations. We also cooperate closely with our partners and the authorities. Our activities are governed by strict licensing procedures, and compliance with legislation is a minimum requirement. We always strive to remain one step ahead, this means continually adapting our environmental measures in accordance with the latest technologies and expertise. Our responsible, holistic approach is directly linked to the trust which others place in us, which is fully aligned with our own values.


Our Strategy

Our principal business strategy is to provide competitive and efficient storage, transportation, terminalling, and supply and logistics services to producers, refiners and other customers. Toward this end, we endeavour to address supply and demand imbalances for oil and gas in Europe and North America by combining the strategic location and capabilities of our storage, transportation, terminalling with our extensive supply, logistics, and distribution expertise.